The New “You-In-Mind” Layout

With a new store comes a new layout, and this one is all about you!

When you first walk through the doors of Popplers Music, you will notice the open concept, warm color scheme, and friendly employees ready to help you find what you need. What you will NOT see at first glance are guitars, drums, pro audio, lighting, and studio production gear. We have these items cleverly placed — just for you.

Electric Guitars

What we have done here at Popplers is create a designated area where customers like you can try out the gear in the way you will be using it. The Electric Guitars and Basses share a room with amps where you can crank the volume to where you might have it in the studio, on stage, or in your bedroom. Want to compare one amp to another? No problem! One of our combo staff members will get you set up. Trying out a pedal or two? Or five?? Awesome. We will also get you set up to compare those.

Acoustic Guitars

Acoustic guitars, ukuleles, violins and bluegrass instruments all share a room painted with earth tones, and, in my opinion, should smell like coffee beans. Acoustic instruments rely heavily on the different tone woods used and overall craftsmanship of the instrument. We’ve provided you with a room that will block out other sounds of the store so that you can focus in on the sound that you’re looking for.

Drums, Audio, Lighting

The Loud Room is home to Drums, Pro Audio Equipment, Lighting, and Studio Production Gear. We request that you ask for assistance before trying out the drums or speakers, but once you do, the stage is all yours! Custom build a drumset with in-stock cymbals, create some loops using a Novation Launch Pad and Ableton, or even design a light show for your newest hit song!

The bottom line is, don’t be afraid to show your passion for music at Popplers. We are all musicians here, and we want to be there for you on your musical journey in any way we can!

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